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Ducati Monza Special 1966

Another one for singles fans...
Take one 250 ducati single - bored and stroked to 350.ported head with factory endurance race cam, add Dellorto pumper carbie on a custom manifold.
NCR race tank with mini SS seat, and custom sidecovers in Silvers Shotgun styling with SS type vents
At the front end, Marzocchi fork clamps with 35mm Yamaha forks, and a CBR250RR front disc paired with a Brembo caliper.
For instruments we have a hand beaten alloy dash in a mini-SS road fairing, and a set of 1990s guages calibrated to suit the single cylinder Ducati.
Pirelli tyres adorn the alloy rims, and Road and Race late singles rearsets add to the graceful charm of the replica Conti.
Nice bike!
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