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Pic # 001/112/010  GILERA  1957-8 B300 twin done 10018 miles. runs well  SOLD
Pic # 007/008/009   GILERA 1959 gubileo 125cc only done  4892km runs a1 SOLD

Pic # 005/006  GILERA 1959-60 B300 GUBILEO EXTRA LUSSO twin  runs A1 SOLD

 pic # 011/012.013  MOTO GUZZI STORNELLO 1967-69 MODEL 160CC 8720KM runs A1  SOLD

 pic  # 017/018/019  MOTO GUZZI STORNELLO  1965-66 MODEL 125/160cc?? 36511km  runs A1 SOLD

 pic # 020 GILERA 1959 GUBILEO 175 SPORT project bike SOLD

 pic # 014/015/016  DUCATI   1966/67  MONZA JUNIOR 160cc 5870 km runs A1  SOLD
MV Agusta 175cc CSTL 1957
MV Agusta 175cc CSTL 1957
 This bike is completely original as last used in the 60s & has been in storage since. Even has original tyres & grips, and has only done a bit over 18000km. It is the last of the luxury overhead cam models before they were superceded by the more cheaply manufactured pushrod models. 
Ride it "as found " or restore to former glory. SOLD
A few of the complete bikes for sale
Unpacking the gold
Unpacking - seats & tanks
Unpacking - various goodies
Crates being unloaded at shop
Bikes being inspected by customs
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