Road and Race Italian Motorcycles

Ducati 750 Sport

1972/73 750 Sport.

Bought as a tired old race bike. A bit too rough for a concourse restoration. So done as a special similar to prototype sport. 

Modifications by  ROAD & RACE include:

  • SS disc brake rear end suspended by alloy bodied shocks, machined from billet. 5 damping adjustments. 
  • Modified 851 Tri-colour mufflers. 
  • 320mm semi floating front discs gripped by 6 piston Grimeca calipers on custom made carriers. 
  • 3" Borrani drop centre rear rim. 
  • Rebuilt Engine Hi-comp pistons, ported heads, 36mm carbs & electronic ignition.
  • Paintwork, assembly & thrashing by owner 

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