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Ducati Parts - Recent Additions

1. Nippon Denso speedo Kph SD900/PANTAH/MHR $200. 

    Nippon Denso Speedo with chrome base Kph      $260 

2. External Speedo drive gear box suit 15mm axle     $130                   (Suit Singles)

3. Speedo drive pinion set  SOLD OUT - Pinion 70mm long          (May need pinion shaft lengthening for some models) 

4) Veglia 0-180 Kph Speedo- SOLD OUT

    Veglia  0-100 Mph Speedo  SOLD OUT

5) Veglia  0-40 Mph Speedo    $ 80

6) A Rolle 0-80 Mph Speedo   SOLD OUT

7) CEV 0-80 Mph Speedo       $60 

CEV Tacho                 SOLD OUT

    CEV 0-160 Kph          SOLD OUT

8) Smiths 60mm 0-180 Kph Speedo  SOLD OUT

9) Smiths 60mm 0-10,000 tacho       SOLD OUT

10)Smiths 60mm 0-12,000 tacho       SOLD OUT

Nippon Denso, Veglia & CEV Instruments

Instrument Cables
SPEEDO & TACHO  cables to suit all Ducati models $35. 

Just specify bike model & brand of gauge. 

For other model Italian bikes specify cable length - threads on each end + gauge type. 

One off specials made to order- $45. 

Full specs needed + payment in advance. 

Black rubber battery cases to hold 6V & 12V batteries for that authentic/period look. $80.

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