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CBE Epicycle Battery Charger

The CBE fully automatic battery charger is the smartest out there. <

It is compact, versatile, excellent value for money and truly smart. If you are looking to care for your motorcycle batteries in the most efficient way possible, look no further than this little beauty. <

When you connect this charger it continuously monitors the battery condition and automatically switches between three different charging modes as required to charge the battery or to maintain battery charge. 
The charging mode is indicated through an easily visible LED. This approved, advanced battery charger delivers a 100% full charge to your vehicle batteries. When the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically switches to an auto-float mode that maintains a full battery charge for as long as the charger is connected to the battery without damage. <

How's that, a charger that you can connect to your battery and practically forget!* <

The three charge modes and their indicators are: Charging - LED lights continuously Charge/Float - LED flashes slowly Auto-Float - LED flashes rapidly <

The charger can be used for just about any automotive purpose including motorbikes, cars, boats, ATVs and personal watercraft. It comes complete with a fused vehicle chassis harness that you should permanently mount to the vehicle. When it comes to hooking the charger up, you simply plug it into the chassis harnesstakes seconds! You also receive a utility connection lead with alligator clips for other charging duties. You can purchase the chassis harness or utility connection leads separately as well if you want to use the charger between several vehicles. This charger will not charge completely flat batteries (zero volts). This battery charging system is designed for charging negatively earthed lead-acid batteries, including maintenance free and gel types. If you want to use it on positively earthed systems, modifications are required please contact Kenma Australia. *You should regularly check the fluid level of wet cell batteries during normal vehicle usage. If you intend to leave the CBE battery charger connected to a wet cell battery for extended periods of time, check the fluid levels at least monthly. Fitments The CBE Smart Battery Charger can be used in virtually any vehicle with a normal 12V battery.
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Price: AUD$66

Epicycle Battery Charger

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