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Ducati stands, instruments, rubbers...

Alloy damper knobs, both types, 
$45 each. Bakelite originals  Singles $75,

  Twin Ceriani $60, Marzocchi @60


Veglia tachometerVeglia tachometer
Replica ND, Smiths & Veglia Racing Tachos
white face race $450
white face race 90 deg drive box $525

Battery straps for Narrowcase -
Stainless steel $32 each. 
Widecase rubber straps with stainless ends $46

31.5mm Fork Shrouds, Lower, Alloy, 
$43 each

SS, Sport, GT and GTS rubber instrument pods, $50 each. 

'73-74 250, 350 and 450 MK3 and Orange Desmo model Guage Pods, $90 each
Ducati SS Headlight Mounts.jpg
Ducati SS Headlight Mounts
Ducati 750SS and 900SS 
1974 to 1976 $135
Late 76 to 80 with blinker mounts $155 
Bracket to suit mini SS for singles with frame plate $220. 
Ducati SS Fairing Mounts.jpg
Ducati SS Fairing Mounts
Ducati 750SS and 900SS 
Rear fairing mount 
1   74/75     2   76/82        $95

Ducati Narrowcase single centrestand $160

Ducati 250/350/450 single 
widecase style centerstands 

Please specify 140mm for early models or 180mm for SCR and 1974.


V Twin Centrestands $175 each
Available with 20mm longer legs to accomodate large rear tyres or longer rear suspension units. Available in 250/270/290mm legs.

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