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Replica Fibreglass Ducati Parts

  • SS fairing with screens (no brackets) $275 
  • SSD fairing with screen $275 
  • SS race fairing with screen-no headlight hole$275 (suitable for specials where you can cut hole to match your own headlight) 
  • SS twin headlight special with 2 x lamps & screen $425 
  • Mini SS (3/4 size) for singles $255 
  • SS style bracket to suit including plate to fix to frame $220 
  • Mini SS Race for singles with screen $255 
  • NCR Racing for singles $295 
  • Rubber trim for headlight hole $20 per metre. 100% correct. 
  • Universal trim for specials $11 per metre. 
  • Original chrome mounting screws $2.50 each 

Fibreglass Chainguards for Singles and V Twins, $70 each

750 GT and Sport Front Guards $95

Single Race Plate
(does not include brackets or screen) 

Fiberglass Ducati Scrambler Sidecovers.jpg
Fiberglass Ducati Scrambler Sidecovers
1973/74 Scrambler sidecovers $80 each
Ducati Mach I Sidecovers
Mach 1 Fibreglass Dummy Toolboxes $70 each

450RT Mudguards, Front $80, Rear $100

NCR Bodywork

1978/1979 NCR Endurance Racing Tank $650
1978/1979 NCR Endurance Racing Seat $180
Buy the pair $800

Seat is fully enclosed so it can be used as a catch tank for racing or you can cut an opening in front for toolbox access.

NCR Seat

NCR Endurance Racing Tank
NCR Endurance Racing Seat
Instrument Panel Ducati 750GT 72-74.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 750GT 1972-74
Instrument Panel Ducati 750GT 74on.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 750GT 1974 on
Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 1974-75.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 1974-75
Instrument Panel Ducati 860GT.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 860GT

Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 1976-77.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 1976-77

Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 78-82.jpg
Instrument Panel Ducati 750SS 1978-82

Ducati Instrument Dash Consoles

  • 750 GT Fibreglass Dash - Upper $70, Lower $50.00
  • 860/900 GTS also available 
  • 750/860 Original two piece plastic dash sets $330.00SS
  • 750/900 Fibreglass Dashes, 3 and 5 light style, $70 each
  • Original plastic instrument dash board $260.00



    1972 - 73 Imola Racer Replica Bodywork

  • Front Guard $70 
  • Fairing with screen $450 
  • Seat $175 
  • Imola Tank with clear strip $625.00

Silver Shotgun, 750GT, 750/900SS fibreglass tail light brackets $70.00
Also available in steel replica $130.00
Replica tail lamp to suit, $15.00

750 Sport Fibreglass Tail Light Brackets $70.00

More Fiberglass Ducati Parts

Ducati Spare Parts Catalog - Page 21

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