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Ducati Wheels & Suspension

Spoke Sets
  • Cadmium Plated from $110.00 per set; with larger than std nipples $120.00; with special bends add $20
  • Stainless spokes from $160 per set
  • Stainless spoke sets - double diameter bent - $205
  • Stainless spoke sets - straight - double diameter $190 (eg Ducati SS750/900)
  • (European spokes only - no English or American)
Discs - Click Here
Wheel Rims
  • Alloy rims from $275 + drilling
  • Stainless Steel Rims for Singles drilled ready to fit $265.

Wheel Rims
Rear Suspension Units
  • YSS Gas Shocks with spring adjustment $550,with spring & damping adjustment $699
  • Both styles with 10mm ride height adjustments. lengths from 260mm to 330mm
We carry a range of Pirelli tyres to suit older Italian and European bikes.
CITY DEMONS for smaller bikes and SPORT Demons for larger sports bikes up to the late 1980s. we can also supply Pirellis in sport and touring types for later model Ducat belt twins up to and including current models. Please phone ahead for these as we will need to order the late model tyres. However, we do stock tyres for most of the early model Ducatis, Benellis, Laverdas and MV Agustas.

More on Tyres

Pirelli_City Demon_Pair.jpg

Speedo Drives

Front wheel speedo drive gearboxes - available in 3 different ratios to suit 18" & 19" disc brake wheels for

  • Smiths
  • Veglia
  • CEV
  • Nippon Denso
  • Drives: $130 each
  • Drive tangs: $10.00 each
Veglia speedo drives.jpg
Veglia speedo drives

Cushdrive carriers
SS900/SS750 $330
Sprocket carriers SS900 $255
Rear Sprockets to suit: 33-45 teeth $35. Cush-drive rubbers also available.

Front sprockets
Bevel Twins 15-16t $45.00
Singles 15/16/17 $38.00

Rear disc carrier, 4 Bolt $100
6 Bolt CNC machined $300

Front disc carriers, 4 bolt, $100 each
Front disc carriers, 6 bolt, $300 each
Genuine Front/Rear hubs $275

Front Fork Springs for 38mm diameter forks.

Slightly softer initial rate for small bumps progressing to heavy rate for hard braking and large bumps: $80 pair.
Replacement springs also avail for 35mm forks: $60 pair

    Oversize Swingarm Spindles
      For all model singles, bevel twins and belt-drive twins to 1986 - saves fitting new bushes - $70.00 each

      Ducati Catalogue - Page 18

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