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Ducati Alternator Conversions

Ducati 750 Round Case Alternator Conversion

Includes new rotor with rare earth magnets for superior low speed charging, new regulator/rectifier, heavy duty leads & rewound stator (stator is an exchange unit so we must get an old stator first) 

  • Price $575.00 
  • With new H/D stator $635 

ALL items available separately. 

  • Rotor $225
  • Regulator $150
  • Stator (exchange only ) $200
  • H/D stator NEW $260
  Ducati 750 Roundcase Alternator Kit

Alternator Output Comparison
Alternator Fitting Instructions
Ducati Singles 12 Volt Conversions

The ultimate 12v conversion for Ducati singles. 150 watts of power, more than enough to run a 80 watt halogen headlight as well as electronic ignition conversions. Kit consists of rotor, stator, adaptor plate, mounting screws & regulator/rectifier. 

  • Price $575.00 

Please specify narrowcase or widecase model, 3 or 4 screw mounting in cases. 

Ducati alternator 12v singles
Ducati 6v Flywheel Magneto Upgrade

Ducati single magneto update for early road singles from the 50s & scrambler models using 6V 28w or 40w systems. 
Upgrade kit consists of  rewinding magneto coil for better performance, rewinding lighting/charge coil for higher output, and one metre of new cabling. Includes detailed instructions.

  • Price: $220.00
  • 6V regulator/rectifier to suit: $85.00

With this conversion you get better spark ( dependant on coil quality ), plus with lighting/charging coil upgrade you have the option to use direct lighting with battery trickle charge OR using the coils' full AC output to charge a battery then run lights etc off the battery to actually see where you are going. 

Ducati 6v Magneto Upgrade

Ducati Alternator Conversions 
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