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Ducati 175 F3 Replica built using 250 Monza donor bike

Ducati F3 Replica

Fuel tank, long Elite - jellymould style, fibreglass, with cap $625
Fuel tank, short 125/175/250 F3  style, fibreglass, includes tankcap $625 Ducati F3 Fuel Tank
Elite/175 Sport Tank Cap (image) $50
Elite/175 Sport Tank Cap with splash guard & seal $75
Humpback race seat - 3 different styles, bare - from: $70
Amadoro Brake Plates (Twin Leading Shoes) Image
(Amadoro brakeplates are designed to drop into 180mm Grimeca double sided hubs as fitted to 1972 models)
$750 pair Amadoro Double Drum 4 Leading Shoe Brake
Narrow Front Guards ...... From $60 
Mini Fairing - Manx Type with screen $90
Mini Fairing - Manx Type with Dash and Screen  $99
Sand Cast RH Camcover fitted with Honda Drive, with cable to suit, for 175-450cc singles (Please specify tacho type used) $250
As above for 100/125/160, 4 bolt cover with 60mm 0-12,000 rpm tacho with bracket, includes drive cable. Image $300
Race Megaphone with Conti core (specify black or polished) $325
Straight Cut Primary sets 250/350/450 ratios $595
Competition Rod Kits (Machined from solid) $550
Standard Rod Kits .................. from $340 
Forged Piston Kits .................. from $300
Tapered Roller Bearing Steering Head conversions (2 bearings, 2 adaptors and dustcap)
(Cannot use top tapered where 31.5 U clamp for bar is used)
$175 Ducati Steering Head Bearings
Alloy Manifolds for singles to take 30 - 36mm PHF Dellortos $77 each
Steel Manifold Kit SS1-VHB-PHBH Clamp on. $60
Dellorto Manifold for SS1
Heavy Duty Clutch Components
Metal Plates only - Laser Cut $95 set
Kevlar Fibre Plates (Exchange - need your old plates for re-bonding) $33 each
Heavy Duty Metal and Std Fibre Plate kit $175
Heavy Duty Metal & Kevlar Fibre Plate kit $245
Heavy Duty Springs $18 set
Carby Kit  PH BH 28mm suit 175-350 $350

STD fibre clutch plates $85

STD  complete clutch plate set $115.

Stainless Motorcycle Mufflers
Racing Clutch
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Amadoro Brake Plates (Four Leading Shoes) 
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